Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bird-Watching my new hobby

After seeing plenty of beautiful bird photos in forum's made me to move into this new hobby of birdwatching. It is a healthy, cherished and positive hobby. A pastime that enhances your life in so many ways. It give you a sense of fulfillment by watching the birds move around you singing, dancing and search for food. Its not an easy for birds to get food...some even wait for hours or days to get a good catch.

I had many opportunities to go for a bird watching walk during my MCC (College) days but I never participated as I need to get up early in the morning. My recent participation in Borneo mini bird watching competition really excited me to go for this hobby. I like to share some of my photos of colourful Kingfisher recently taken in Kuching. I will share more photos in this blog as I move deeper into this hobby.

Stock Billed Kingfisher


RC said...

Where r u now? Chennai? mail me your contact number immdtly...

Sudarsan Jayasingh said...

Nanba I am in Malaysia only....my email id is sudha_singh@yahoo.com