Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Borneo - Unexplored World

Borneo is the third largest island in the world and still largely unexplored. It is really great opportunity to work in this part of the world to explore its beauty.I will cover some of the animals of Borneo in this blog.

Pic 1 and 2
The Orangutan is a great ape with reddish brown fur. Orangutans are presently found only in rainforests on Borneo and Sumatra, highly endangered in the wild due to habitat loss (the destruction of rainforests for logging and agriculture) and the illegal trapping of baby orangutans for the pet trade.

Pic 3
The proboscis monkey lives only in the swampy lowland rainforests of coastal areas of Borneo and the Mentawai Islands. These large monkeys are best known for the male's large protruding nose.

The Hairy-nosed Otter (Lutra sumatrana) is one of the rarest otter species on earth, and was thought to be extinct in 1998 as there had been no sightings for many years, but a tiny number of populations have been rediscovered since then.

Pic 5
Bornean Bearded Pig (Sus barbatus) is a species of pig. It can be recognized by its prominent beard. It also sometimes has tassels on its tail. It is primarily found in Southeast Asia—Sumatra, Borneo, the eastern Philippines—where it inhabits rainforests and mangrove forests.

Pic 6
he Bornean yellow muntjac (Muntiacus atherodes) is restricted to the moist forests of Borneo and it is also called as Barking Deer.

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